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Roster Submissions

After Your Roster is Filled Out and Saved, Click Button Below to Start Submission Process

Remember- Upload your roster from your computer only.   Do NOT scan in a signed copy.  It must be saved in the format we provided for you.  **If it does not save it means you have an old version of Adobe.  See directions above to update.** 

Directions for Editing Roster or Adding Photos AFTER uploading original roster

If you made a mistake on your roster, left off your NAFA #,  or added or deleted a player OR  If you need to add your team photo at a later date just follow these simple steps:

1.  Log-in using your NGIN account.
2.  Click on your name where a pull down menu will appear.
3.  Click on Registration & Survey
4.  You can view your account.
5.  Click on Roster Submission
6.  Click on the edit button.
7.  Scroll down to Upload PDF Roster. 
8.  Click on "Remove this roster" and confirm.
9.  Click on Browse again and select new Roster to upload select and save.
OR for adding your team photo
10.  Scroll down to where it says Upload Team Photo.
11.  Click "Browse" and choose your team photo
12.  Save