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16U NAFA 2016

2016 NAFA 16-Under Live Brackets

The official brackets are at the tournament site. These are now FINAL and official.

Top Finishers- Gold Bracket

Place Team Name
1st Place Lakeville Ice
2nd Place Manitoba Thunder
3rd Place Hastings Raiders
4th Place 5 Diamonds

Top Finishers- Silver Bracket

Place Team Name
1st Place Norwood Triple Play
2nd Place St. Paul Rookies
3rd Place Mississippi Valley Pride
4th Place DGF Rebels

Order of Finish 16U Gold NAFA Nationals

Finish Team Name Record State
1 Lakeville Ice 6-0 Minnesota
2 Manitoba Thunder 5-2 Canada
3 Hastings Raiders 5-2 Minnesota
4 5 Diamonds 5-2 Wisconsin
5 Dubuque Sting Rays 3-2 Iowa
5 Northstars 3-2 Minnesota
7 North Polars 2-2 Minnesota
7 Brookings Outlaws 2-2 South Dakota
9 Thunderstixs 3-2 Illinois
9 MN Bandits 2-2 Minnesota
9 Seymour Flames Black 3-2 Wisconsin
9 Arctic Blast Black 2-2 Minnesota
13 Twin Port Rampage Green 2-2 Wisconsin
13 Iowa Sting 2-2 Iowa
13 WBL Bears 2-2 Minnesota
13 Rox River Stix 99 2-2 Wisconsin
17 Arctic Blast Blue 1-2 Minnesota
17 KAOS 1-2 Minnesota
17 Xtreme 1-2 Minnesota
17 CA Heat Red 1-2 Minnesota
17 Smitty's Terminators 0-2 Canada
17 Snocatz Pink 0-2 Minnesota
17 Champlin Park Husom 1-2 Minnesota
17 St. Paul Highland Gold 0-2 Minnesota
25 Snocatz White 0-2 Minnesota
25 Westonka 0-2 Minnesota
25 MN Stars 2000 0-2 Minnesota
25 Rock River Stix 00 0-2 Wisconsin

Order of Finish 16U Silver NAFA Nationals

Finish Team Name Record City, State
1 Norwood Triple Play 5-0 Minnesota
2 St. Paul Rookies 5-2 Minnesota
3 Mississippi Valley Pride 4-2 Wisconsin
4 DGF Rebels 4-2 Minnesota
5 John Creek Yellow Jackets 5-2 Wisconsin
5 New Berlin Magic White 4-2 Wisconsin
7 Stateline Fury JK 4-2 Illinois
7 Fox Valley Renegades 3-2 Illinois
9 Twin Port Rampage Black 2-2 Minnesota
9 Champlin Park Johnson 2-2 Minnesota
9 Sleepy Eye 2-2 Minnesota
9 IGH Spartans 2-2 Minnesota
13 Fargo Moorehead Blaze 2-2 North Dakota
13 Huntley Red Raiders 1-2 Illinois
13 Algonquin Aces 2-2 Illinois
13 WI Bandits 2-2 Wisconsin
17 Lisle Slammers 1-2 Illinois
17 Wayzata Blaze 1-2 Minnesota
17 Red River Thunder 1-2 North Dakota
17 MVSA Mustangs 1-2 Minnesota
17 Irondale 1-2 Minnesota
17 Byron B-Town 0-2 Minnesota
17 Andover Huberty 0-2 Minnesota
17 Swat Adrenaline 0-2 South Dakota
25 East Peoria Express 0-2 Illinois
25 Freeport Crush 0-2 Illinois
25 Centennial Red 0-2 Minnesota
25 St. Cloud Rox 0-2 Minnesota

NAFA 2016 Skills Competition Results

 Home Run Derby:

1st-   Rilee Marquette-  St. Cloud Rox

2nd-  Sadie Erickson-  Norwood Triple Play

2nd-  Kendra Leis-  Mississippi Valley Pride

3rd-  Abigale Husemann- Thunderstix


1st-  Megan Jones-  Mississippi Valley Pride

2nd-  Lauren Stefancyk-  Rock River Stix

2nd   Paige Hill-  Snocatz White

2nd   Lauren Ernst-  Hastings

Team Throwing Relay:

1st-  Kaylie, Jenna S., Heather, Amber B.       Dubuque Sting Rays

2nd- Abi, Claire, Megan, Jenn                         Smitty’s Terminators

3rd-  Kndra, Hallie, Sammie, Alyssa               Mississippi Valley Pride

Team Running Relay:

1st-  Dani, Jody, Kelsie, Lauren                                  Sleepy Eye

2nd-  Sydney, Heather, Kayla, Kaylei                         Dubuque Sting Rays

3rd-  Maddie J., Megan M., Stacy M., Kenzie E.       Hastings


Thank you to all the 2016 skills participants.  We had approximately 304 players participating in all 4 events.

It's Sunday- Playing for Hardware now!

Tom Bye

Tournament Director

Phone: 651-270-0219

Pat Mahr

Lexington Site Coordinator

Phone: 651-357-2742

Pools are now posted.  If you see typos of your team name etc.  Please feel free to contact me at


Brackets are now posted.  Please review rules for seeding procedure. 



A Team Pools

Pool A1 Pool A2
5 Diamonds WI Brookings Outlaws SD
KAOS Fastpitch KY Manitoba Thunder CAN
Smitty's Terminator's CAN Thunderstix IL
Rock River Stix 99's WI Arctic Blast Blue MN
Arctic Blast Black MN Lakeville Ice MN
MN Bandit's MN Northstar MN
Snocatz White MN St. Paul Highland Gold MN
White Bear Bears MN Westonka MN
Pool A3 Pool A4
Dubuque Sting Rays IA Seymour Flames Black WI
Rock River Stix 00's WI Iowa Sting IA
Twin Port Rampage Green WI Hastings Raiders MN
C A Heat- Red MN Snocatz Pink MN
Champlin Park Husom MN
MN Stars 2000 MN
Xtreme MN
North Polars MN

B Team Pools

Pool B1 Pool B2
Algonquin Aces IL East Peoria Express IL
Wi Bandits White WI Red River Thunder ND
Stateline Furry JK IL New Berlin Magic White WI
Mississippi Valley Pride WI Huntley Red Raiders IL
Champlin Park Johnson MN Centennial Red MN
Norwood Triple Play MN Rox MN
Mounds View Mustangs MN Wayzata Blaze MN
Byron B-Town MN St. Paul Rookies MN
Pool B3 Pool B4
Fargo Moorhead Blaze ND Fox Valley Renegades IL
Freeport Crush IL SWAT Adrenaline SD
Johnson Creek Yellow Jackets WI Andover Huberty MN
Lisle Slammers IL IGH Spartans MN
Irondale Knights MN
Sleepy Eye MN
Twin Ports Rampage Black MN
DGF Rebels MN

Live brackets have been updated.  Any field changes have been made.